Ian Green

About the Project:

Ian Green was looking for a new website that connected with Social Networks and Website together. He also wanted to grow his personal brand.

What we Did:

We did some research on what was the best personal brand websites on the internet today and we found a few good ones and we took the best bits and made this amazing personal branding website. You can blog, collect emails, integrate mailchimp, connect with social media and so much more. This is one of our favourite websites just because all the functions it can do...

About Equip Your Site

Equip Your Site is a creative design and media company that can help your business reach new clients and fans.

How can we do that? We use our 8 years of design, media and web building experience to help you reach more people, better deliver your message and create new leads.

We create simple & beautiful websites, graphics, brands, logos, social media campaigns and video media. Check out our portfolio section to see our works.

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